This is a selection of old photographs of the Almshouses in Bitteswell. If you have any old photographs of the houses, click on Contact on the left side of the page and let us know. We would be pleased to scan them for our archive and use a selection of pictures on this website.

This first picture shows the Almshouses with a Village Water Pump on the corner of Lutterworth Road and Ashby Lane. Until the Public Health (Water) Act 1878 it was the responsibility of each Parish to provide water for its residents. This was achieved in most cases by means of a Village Pump.

We do not know the exact date of the picture so if you should happen to know, do please click on Contact on the left side of the page and let us know.

Almshouses with Water Pump

Almshouses 22 August 1944

Above – A postcard from 1944 – The Powell Row Almshouses

Bitteswell 1960Bitteswell 2009

Above – Powell Row in 1960                                

To the Right – Powell Row in 2009

In 2011, during the modernisation of one of the Powell Row Houses,a number of items from the Victorian era were discovered in the roof-space. A stove pipe hat, a girdle and some old hobnail boots were found. Pictured below is Trustee Bob Manning, holding two of the items. 

Bob Manning

Above: Bob Manning in 2011 holding the discovered Victorian hat and boots outside Powell Row.

Digital StillCamera

Above – The Powell Row Almshouses in 2016

DSCN8030 - Copy

The Queen’s Gate was erected in 2016 to commemorate the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The official opening was  by County and District Councillor Rosita Page on 11 June 2016. The covered gateway is constructed of Oak.

Below – The Powell Row Almshouses in 2017

DSCN8027 - Copy