Almshouse Charities are regulated by the Charity Commission and are usually administered by locally recruited trustees.  The trustees of the Powell and Welch Almshouse Charity are all volunteers and receive no payment for their services. Residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution which is similar to rent but different in law, and less than a full commercial rate. Almshouse trusts were generally founded by benefactors in earlier times to provide for those in need of housing.

The original purpose of the Powell and Welch Almshouse Charity was set out in the 1889 Trust Deed that says:

“The almspeople shall be poor persons of good character who from age, ill-health, accident or infirmity are unable to maintain themselves by their own  exertions.  Preference shall be given first to persons otherwise qualified as aforesaid, resident in the area of the Ancient Parish of Bitteswell and secondly to persons otherwise qualified as aforesaid who have become reduced by misfortune from better circumstances.”

Beneficiaries of the charity are now any person in need, hardship or distress but with preference given to those who fulfil the criteria of the original benefactors, and who are in housing and financial need.

Applications from people already living in or with family connections to the Bitteswell area receive priority, after which applications from people from other areas are considered. 

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